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Who knows who wrote that song of summer that blackbirds sing at dusk?
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Saturday, November 4th, 2006
2:28 am
Early Work/Demos as MP3s
Came across this in a Patrick Wolf community. Though to myself, "Hey, maybe the kids'd like this, too!"

Friday, October 27th, 2006
11:33 am
Syd Arthur
I thought this might be of interest to Kate fans.

Kate's nephew, Raven (son of John Carder Bush) is in a band called Syd Arthur. (Get it? Syd Arthur = Siddharta! Punny, no?)

They have a myspace and a website:

Check them out!
Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
4:20 pm
Kate Bush's myspace.
Hi. I know, I promise to try and get this journal started very soon.

I wanted to talk about "Kate Bush's" myspace. Technically myspace is illegal. The artist and holder of the copyright has to give express consent to post any material either written or audio to be used on that site. Also, when music is posted on myspace, myspace holds the right to use that music in any way it deems fit, which is definitely not something that Ms. Bush would approve of. So the most likely story is that either Noble and Brite (Kate's new version of Novercia) caught wind of it and cut it off, or EMI did. In any case, all these myspace accounts for established artists where the artist is not expressly involved in some way are totally illegal.

It sucks that it is that way, but we all know how much control Kate likes to hold when it comes to her own music, and therefore there is no doubt in my mind that her myspace accounts were not legitimate.
Wednesday, October 4th, 2006
11:46 pm
ahhhh this is so much better...peaceful :)

9:17 am
Welcome to novercia, a Kate Bush Community. As the moderator here, all I ask is that everyone here should treat each other with respect, even if you don't agree with the views of other people.

I will endeavour to provide the same courtesy.

Thank you,
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